Is your dentist Sleep Certified™?

Is your sleep dentist among the best?  There are thousands of dentists who treat sleep.  However, ZYPPAH only refers patients to dentists who are Sleep Certified.  Being a Sleep Certified dentist means they belong to a group of elite sleep dentists with abundant resources to aid in treating your Sleep Apnea.  In addition to completing certification training, the dentist is also required to make patient reviews publicly available so that prospective patients can do their research.  Each Sleep Certified dentist is ranked at a certain level, which will help you determine their experience.  We want you to know if your sleep dentist has treated one patient, or hundreds.  Not only are Sleep Certified dentists among the best, they are delivering the most advanced sleep solutions in America.

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Snoring Versus Sleep Apnea

Snoring is a Nuisance, But Sleep Apnea is Life-Threatening.


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