A CPAP/APAP machine isn’t the only way Snoring and Sleep Apnea can be treated! There are various other treatment options available, including oral appliances. Our appliances in particular have 2 main objectives, to bring the jaw forward and prevent your tongue from falling back towards your throat. The jaw advancement opens up your airway, allowing more oxygen flow as you sleep. Then our patented one-of-a-kind tongue elastic acts as a seatbelt for your tongue, preventing it from falling back and blocking your airway as your muscles relax. Zyppah is not the only provider of oral appliances, you will have to consult with your Sleep Certified dentist so they can determine which appliance would best treat your Snoring and Sleep Apnea.

This comparison represents only some of the treatment options available. There are more options, however, these are the most common. If you or a loved one snore, or think you have Sleep Apnea, you need to see a Zyppah Sleep Certified™ dentist for testing and possible treatment.